About Bishopsgate Ward Club

Founded in 1790, the Bishopsgate Ward Club was originally a forum for the merchants, traders and other interested parties of the Ward to express their views to the Alderman and Common Councilmen, linking them to the governance of the City. In modern times the Ward Club has become a social organisation promoting community service, good fellowship and interest in the traditions and institutions of the City.

To become a member of the Ward Club is to take the first step to becoming a part of the inner circle of City life. It gives an opportunity for a greater understanding and appreciation of the fine traditions which are still the heart of the City’s activities.

One of the most active of the City’s 25 Ward Clubs, the Bishopsgate Ward Club arranges a varied programme each year, including receptions, luncheons and insider tours. Formal functions provide introductions to the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs and Members of the Court of Common Council. Guests are welcome to most functions. All who share these interests are welcome to become Members of the Bishopsgate Ward Club, whether or not working or resident within the Ward of Bishopsgate.