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This section includes information about recent Club activities and information about other City and Bishopsgate Ward organisations which may be of interest to Club members.

The Ward Club embraces online meetings

Along with many other Clubs and groups we embraced online meetings (via Zoom) when it became clear that the Covid-19 pandemic was a complete game-changer for social groups like ours. Our events page shows our events to date and we have been pleased to be able to keep up with our Members via this medium. We will meet in person again when we are allowed to! All good wishes to you all.

Bishopsgate Ward Newsletters

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Presentation the Leathersellers' Company

At the AGM on 21st May we were delighted to present to the Leathersellers' Company a handcrafted lectern in American Black Walnut with a leather finish.

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l-r: the Lectern, The President David Lyall, Master Leatherseller Mike Bradly Russell, Carpenter Aaron Franz